Ital Shack Makes A Natural Choice

The ‘Freedom Fighters Ital Shack’  in Bush Road has become the latest business on St. Maarten to switch to biodegradable products in order to help protect our island and its environment from the problems of throw-away plastic.


The restaurant, which has a constantly changing menu using their own home-grown vegetables, fruits and herbs, is the ideal place to be using drinking cups, take-out containers and cutlery, made entirely from plants. In fact, they are moving towards being completely ‘plastic-free’ in the coming weeks, earning them a prestigious ‘Green Turtle’ award.


Good2Go are supplying Ital Shack with all of their eco-friendly disposables and because these products are made just from plants, they will quickly return to natural plant material as they biodegrade, leaving no toxic residue behind.


Plastic, on the other hand, may take many hundreds of years to completely disappear, releasing harmful chemicals as it does so - even if it’s been dumped in the landfill.


So, Bushman, Raisa and Jawara believe that using natural products is a simple way to keep our islands’ environment clean and beautiful – just as nature intended - and we’re sure that their customers, both old and new, will thank them for that!

(This article first appeared in the St. Maarten Daily Herald in February 2011)

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